Egyptian Community Arthroplasty Register

This community Arthroplasty Register is an individual initiative to prospectively document arthroplasty procedures performed from 2007 to date in Cairo, Egypt

The register started by one surgeon (Mahmoud A Hafez) and lately was joined by 6 other surgeons in 6 different hospitals. The majority of patients were Egyptians but there were patients from 14 different nationalities of this region. The registry proforma designed in 3 pages; pre-, intra- and post-operative and available in printed, electronic and online format.

Below are sections of THA & TKA operative sheet that can be accessed on this website

In addition, the original implant stickers of all components including cement & screws were attached to the back of the registry sheets.

Establishing such a register in this region is very difficult due to lack of funding, low interest in research and dominance of private practice.


This register is currently self funded but hopefully will be adopted by the ministry of health in future.

Although it is costly now, the registration of more surgeons and hospitals in future will make it more cost effective.


We would like to thank the following consultants for their contributions in the registry:

  1. Mahmoud A Hafez, FRCS Ed, MD. October 6 University, Al Helal and Zayed specialized Hospitals 

  2. Maher Fansa, FRCS. Al Helal Orthopaedic Hospital (National Orthopaedic Hospital) 

  3. Ahmed Bahaa El Din Al Ahwal, FRCS. October 6 University Hospital 

  4. Emad Saweeres, FRCS Orth, MD. El sahel teaching Hospital

  5. Fouad Zamel,FRCS Orth, MD. Cairo University Hospitals

  6. Ahmed Wagih, MRCS, MD. National Institute for Neuro Motor System

  7. Ahmed El Morsy, MRCS, MD. October 6 University Hospital

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