14th International Arthroplasty Conference, Hybrid Meeting, 8 - 10 April 2021

Feedback ( 2018 )

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11th International Arthroplasty Conference, 18-20 ـ January 2018, Cairo, Egypt

Feedback from previous conferences


  • You put on an excellent meeting and should be proud of the program you are building.
    Joseph Iannotti,
     Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedics, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA


  • Congratulations, on pulling off the conference, may it go from strength to strength. I am in awe at what you have achieved already since your return to Egypt, an inspiration to us all! The family had an experience to remember for a lifetime. And so have I.
    Frank Howell, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Grimsby, UK
  • I would like to congratulate you for the organisation of this conference. In my opinion it was a great success.
    Bernard Masson,
     Scientific Consultant, Ceramtec, Paris, France


  • On behalf of Cleveland Clinic Florida I would like to extend our gratitude for hosting us in Egypt. The arthroplasty conference was a success on all levels. We particularly enjoyed chairing our sessions and participating in the discussions that followed. We had a memorable time in your beautiful country and formed many friendships.
    Gregory J. Gilot,
     Chairman, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic, Florida, USA
  • I want to congratulate you on organizing a most educational and enjoyable summit. We were all very impressed with the high quality of the presentations and the involvement of the faculty and attendees. You were a wonderful host and we all thoroughly enjoyed our time and the ability to share our clinical experience with colleagues from around the Middle East and even some from Europe. I look forward to continuing our friendship and professional exchanges 
    Wael Barsoum, 
    Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedics, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA


  • I would like to commend you on the growth of the conference that has taken place in just one year. Your efforts to make this an outstanding educational and scientific experience are obvious, and the growth of the conference in just one year is something you should be congratulated for, and be proud of.
    James Rosneck
    , Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA
  • In my humble opinion, I believe it was a very rich conference. The topics were world class. Something I hear usually in major conferences like Hospital for special surgery and AAOS. i agree the attendees were distracted by the beautiful resort.
    Keep on the good work and i truly believe you and your assistants did an outstanding job of selection of lectures, place food, organization etc.
    Sam Hakki
    Bay Pines, Health Care Florida, USA


  • It was a well-organized event with excellent scientific material. The interaction of the delegates was a highlight and we enjoyed that very much. You are doing a great job for Middle East promoting the good scientific care for the patients and teaching much needed in this era. I shall be happy to come again and contribute in any way.
    Kamal Deep.
     Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, Glasgow & Executive Director, CAOS UK
    Arafat M. Dissi
     Amman, Jordan
  • I had a great time! We need to organize some of patient specific instruments meetings together at Sharm
    Emmanuel Thienpont,


  • It was an honor and pleasure to be part of your successful meeting. I also enjoyed my stay in Sharm very much
    Siegfried Hofmann:
    Associate prof, LKH Stolzalpe Orthopaedic Dept, Maraw, Austria
  • The meeting was excellent - congratulations on putting on a really interesting conference - I learnt a huge amount, as I always do when hearing about what other people are doing.
    Kevin P Sherman:
     Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Hull and Chairman of the Intercollegiate Exams Committee for MRCS, UK


  • Congratulations for your excellent work which made the Knee Instructional Course in Sharm successful. I would suggest to keep the same format for next year.
    Siegfried Hofmann:
    LKH Stolzalpe Orthopaedic Dept, Maraw, Austria
  • I enjoyed your wonderful country. I learned a lot from the conference and made some really good contacts.
    Ian Campbell:
     Professor of Engineering, Loughborough Design School, Loughborough University, UK
  • I valued the conference in its content, which made me understand the issues you are facing in orthopaedics in your country as well as the lively discussions with a knowledgeable audience who is eager to learn and improve.
    Robert M. Streicher:
    Professor in Biomaterials & Biomechanics, Università degli studi dell'Insubria, Varese; Lecturer, Technical University ETHZ, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Like my colleagues, I would like to extend a sincere thank you for your warm welcoming for this conference in Sharm el Sheikh, from which I learnt many things.
    Quentin Léguillette:
    Application Engineer - Mimics Innovation Suite, Belgium
  • It is an opportunity to attend the conference and to learn interesting things during the presentations; I enjoyed these few days I spent in Sharm El Sheikh.
    Nicolae Balc:
    Professor, Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca B-dul Muncii, Romania
  • It was really a nice event and I am ready for more contribution next time.
    Mohammed Awad:
    Consultant, Al Helal Orthopaedic Hospital, Cairo, Egypt
  • Topics well covered, venue is brilliant. Good Workshop but it needs more representation from the sponsoring companies, more workshops and a better conference company.
    Sam Morgan:
    Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, North Cumbria University Hospital, UK
  • The course is a smash hit; we need to keep it going; Dr.Hofman is a perfect teacher, course hand-outs printed well; computer sessions were very well staffed, although attendance was not great. The course needs to get split over 2 days.
    Emad Saweeres: 
    Consultant, Al Sahel Teaching Hospital, Cairo, Egypt
  • Venue was perfect; timing of the conference during January is perfect; faculty was well trained to give lectures and very scientific; preconference course was perfect as overall evaluation and added to me a lot; conference papers were new and presenting relevant points; workshop was very informative and to the point; sticking to the time was perfect; the financial issues were fine and reasonable; organization (pre and during) was perfect. But, the TKR course was very compressed with a lot of information in one day.
    Ahmed Hazem Abdel Azeem:
    Lecturer, Kasr Al-Aini Hospital, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Congratulation for this excellent successful arthroplasty conference. I learnt too much from discussion and updated my information on computer assisted arthroplasty. l also enjoyed beautiful sharm.
    Mohamed Abo Elmagd:
    Orthopedic Consultant, Ahmed Maher Teaching Hospital, Cairo

Messages from those who missed 2014 conference

  • This is a terrific meeting. I think you'll enjoy it a great deal.
    Wael K. Barsoum:
     Vice Chair, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA
  • Count us in for Sharm 2015
    Preetesh Patel, Carlos Higuera, Juan Suarez: 
    Orthopaedic Surgeons, Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic, USA
  • I would love to join this conference and in fact, if my wife had anything to do with it she will make it a compulsory pilgrimage!
    Mohan Emmanuel,
     CEO Implant International, Thornaby-on-Tees, UK
  • Please do not forget to count me in for Sharm 2015
    Emmanuel Thienpont:
     Orthopaedic Consultant, University Hospital Saint Luc, Brussels, Belgium
  • Congratulations for the impressive program. I am sure the conference will be much more impressive.
    Ahmed Elmorsy:
    Orthopaedic Surgeon, Royal Surrey County NHS Foundation Trust, UK




  • The conference was overall a good experience, as u know I have attended a lot of conferences in UK and internationally, I do not have previous experience with Egyptian conferences.
  • Positive points:
    • A lot efforts were put in it, this was obvious
    • A lot of money was also spent, again this was obvious
    • Overall organisation was good
    • Programme was diverse, well balanced
  • Areas for improvement:
    • Of course I understand because of the political situation things might not have gone the way u want
    • Multiple issues were left for last minute, typical Egyptian style, this should not be the case, I recommend u delegate some of the tasks to others early and have a clear programme fixed at least 2 months before hand Advertising; create an email list of all attendance, give them discount if they book next yr in advance, discount if they book in a group to encourage juniors to attend, they can pay a non refundable deposit early to book at discounted rate and full fees a bit later
    • Advertising; ur target should be arab/middle east countries aim to have a formal channel with orthopaedic authorities (like Saudi orthopaedic department) in these countries, offer a discount if any of their members register 
    • Audience; most of whom I seen were either professors or working in a university related positions, this by itself is good but u need to also attract others, mainly juniors and ministry of health surgeons
    • Audience; consider offering young surgeons (? below 35yrs) a discount, may be with medical companies offloading some of the cost?
    • Cost; I do not know how much it costs to register and attend but I heard some figures which are really high for juniors to pay, if u can offer a sponsored places by the companies this will encourage them to attend
    • Programme; create a session for young surgeons to present their work with a prize for best papers and best poster
    • Programme; create a session for junior doctors soft skills, like presentation skills, how to write a paper, how to do scientific research, how to search for evidence ... etc
    • Programme; invite somebody from the Egyptian orthopaedic society as a formal presentation to give a talk about the current challenges facing orthopeadics in Egypt and other vital issues
    • Programme; invite someone from the ministry of health fellowship programme again to talk about the updates with the fellowship programme

     Sherif Elnikety, UK

  • Thanks for your efforts in preparation of this conference in such a hectic days. Second my only comment is would like to have and hear from more highly specialized surgeons in the field of arthroplasty I know that inviting more surgeons is very hard and  demanding theses days but I am sure that next year en shaa Allah you will be able to do it
    Ahmed Hazem Abdelazeem, Egypt
  • Thanks a lot for your invitation to the 9th international arthroplasty conference that was held in Sharm Elsheik. The conference this year covered a lot of interesting  topics . The discussion and the presentations were of very high standard and covered very important topics. The organisation and venue  were excellent. I will definitely recommend the conference next year to my colleagues
    Samer Morgan, UK


  • Thank you again for being a superb host - and ALL the work you did to make the course a success. The pictures are Good memory.
    Lawrence Dorr, USA
  • Thanks for all your organisation for the meeting in Ain Sokhna and it was great meeting many of the local identities in Egyptian orthopaedics. Surgery on the Tuesday was also very interesting and it was good to be part of the introduction of the Oxford UKA into Egypt. I enjoyed the evening and meal at Le Pasha (over the Nile) including the very lively entertainment.
    Rami Sorial, Australia
  • Congratulations  for this successful meeting. We have already discussed the not ideal location, although it is very close to Cairo. To make the location attractive again I would propose either Sharm or Hurghada for the future.
    Siegefried Hofmann, Austria 
  •  I am glad we had such a resounding success of our Unicompartmental instructional course. It seems there is a great support to having two courses per year.

    Emad Saweeres, Egypt 

  •  The scientific content is excellent. The morning sessions on Fri and Sat are really condensed, attendants will be there for 4 hours without a break, I suggest 15 mins break in between if possible.

    Sherif Elnikety, UK







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